Screening of Large Bowel Cancer


Diagnosis of Large Bowel Cancer


Resection and Prognosis of Adenomatous Polyps

Endoscopic polypectomy reduces the subsequent incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer.

Indications and Contraindications for Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization is an essential procedure necessary to diagnose and treat heart disease.

Imaging Tests and Biopsy for Liver Disease

Latest imaging tests can provide good diagnostic results without risks of complications.

Visual Examination for Liver Disease

Do not palpate the abdomen of the patient immediately. Make sure to obtain important clues to the disease.

Blood Examination for Liver Disease

Unless liver tests are carefully selected, good prognosis cannot be expected. ***** Tests used to initially evaluate liver disease can be categorized as two groups: (1) indicating injury, such as release of intracellular enzymes; and (2) m…

p53 IgG antibodies - tumor marker

Tumor markers are studied so as to physically and financially reduce burden on cancer patients **** Esophageal cancer patients are treated with established therapies including surgeries, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Since the wall …

Real-time Tissue Elastography

New Noninvasive Diagnostic Method **** Ultrasound elastography is a Japanese original technology that uses an ultrasound diagnostic device to visualize elasticity of tissues. In 2003, ultrasound elastography was developed and commercialize…